London Hackspace

London Hackspace is a community-run workshop for geeks in London.

41–43 Standard Road
Park Royal
NW10 6HF


Classes & Training, Fabrication Services, Membership, Open Access Workshop and Storage


Bike Maintenance, Computing, Digital Fabrication, Electronics, Engineering, Metal Work, Repair, Robotics and Wood Work


Acrylic, Electronics, Metal, Paper & Card, Textiles, Vinyl and Wood & Derivatives


3D Printer, Air, Air Compressor, Angle Grinder, Arc Welder, Autoclave, Bandsaw, Belt Sander, Bench Grinder, Brazing Hearth, Computing, Crosscut Miter Saw, Electronics, Environmental Test Chamber, Fly Press, Frequency Counter, Grinder, Heat Press, Incubator, Jig Saw, Kiln, Knitting Machine, Laser Cutter, Library, Metal, Metal Guillotine, Metal Lathe, Microscope, MIG Welder, Milling Machine, Oscilloscopes, Pallet Truck, Panel Saw, Pattern Cutting Table, PCs, Photocopier & Printer, Pillar Drill / Drill Press, Planer, Polisher, Pop Riveter, Power Hacksaw, Power Tools, Pulse Generator, Robotic Arm, Sand Blaster, Scroll Saw, Sewing Machine, Sheet Bender, Soldering, Spray Gun, Table Saw, TIG Welder, Vacuum Former, Vinyl Cutter and Wood Lathe




The London Hackspace is a community-run workshop for geeks in London.

We provide a space where people who make things can come to share tools and knowledge.

Become a member and get 24/7 access.

Note that we are currently closed as per the Government Covid-19 guidelines