Blackhorse Workshop

Blackhorse Workshop is a public resource workshop that provides space, tools and technical support for local creating, making and mending.

1–2 Sutherland Road Path
E17 6BX


Cafe, Classes & Training, Exhibition & Venue Hire, Fabrication Services, Membership, Open Access Workshop, Storage and Studio Space Rental


Fine Art, Furniture Design, Metal Work, Repair, Sculpture, Textiles and Wood Work


Inks & Paints, Metal, Paper & Card, Plastic, Textiles and Wood & Derivatives


Angle Grinder, Bandsaw, Bench Grinder, Box Folder, Brazing Hearth, Chisel Morticer, Disc Sander, Forge + Anvil, Linisher, Metal, Metal Bandsaw, Metal Lathe, MIG Welder, Mitre Trimmer, Oxy-Acetelene, Pillar Drill / Drill Press, Planer, Plasma Cutter, Polisher, Power Tools, Sander, Scroll Saw, Sheet Metal Rollers, Spray Booth, Spray Gun, Table Saw, Thicknesser, TIG Welder, Wood and Wood Lathe




Blackhorse Workshop is a new public space dedicated to making and mending, just half an hour from the centre of London. We offer open access to a fully equipped wood and metal workshop. Machinery support is on hand from our highly skilled technicians, and here you can build or fix anything from broken chairs to theatrical sets, bikes and furniture – and where you can grow your startup with the support of industry expertise and a community of makers.

At Blackhorse Workshop we welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you’re a professional carpenter who needs some space to make something for a few days or have a more casual interest and are not quite sure what you want to make, we have something that will suit you perfectly.

You can come and use the workshop for half a day or sign up for a year. We welcome everyone from dabblers to professionals, and will help you wherever we can.

We also run courses and events, from basic DIY skills to the art of welding. We invite artists, designers, expert fabricators and craftsmen from a range of industries to talk about their ideas, – let us know if there is someone in particular you’d like to see!

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday 9:30 – 17:30