East London Printmakers

East London Printmakers provides professional and affordable printmaking facilities and opportunities for artists and designers.

42 Copperfield Road
E3 4RR


Classes & Training, Membership and Open Access Workshop


Fine Art, Intaglio, Printmaking, Relief and Screen Printing


Inks & Paints, Paper & Card and Textiles


Drying Racks, Etching / Relief Press, Exposure Unit, Fabric Table, Hotplate, Light Box, Metal Guillotine, Print Table, Printmaking, Vacuum Table and Washout Bay




East London Printmakers is an independent, artist run studio based in London Fields. The printmaking studio has equipment for water-based screen-printing, etching/intaglio, relief printing, fabric printing and photo-etching.

Our aim is to provide professional and affordable printmaking facilities for artists and designers and to create opportunities for them to discuss and exhibit their work. We offer Open Access for screen printing on paper and fabric, etching and relief and run a variety of courses and residency schemes.

We welcome everyone to use the studio. If you are a complete beginner, you can book into a workshop and start your printmaking journey. If you have experience already and are capable of working independently, just book an open access session and get started. You do not need to be a member to use the studio.

East London Printmakers supports thirty four key-holders, represents over 250 members and attracts over one thousand visitors annually.

East London Printmakers holds four Open Access sessions each week, on Thursdays and Saturdays. We welcome artists who are familiar and competent in the printmaking process that they wish to do. We have professional facilities for etching, silkscreen, fabric printing, relief and monoprinting processes.

Anyone with enough experience to work independently in the studio. We are unable to provide technical assistance during Open Access sessions so if you are unable to work independently we may be able to suggest a suitable class, but you will not be able to attend Open Access sessions until you have reached a suitable standard of proficiency. You do not need to be a member of ELP to use open access. Unfortunately at present we cannot allow under-18s to use the facilities.