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    About Open Workshop Network

    Open Workshop Network is a growing network of the open-access workshops across London, including the city’s assortment of makespaces, Fab Labs and hackspaces. Whether your interests lie in ceramics or robotics, whether you consider yourself an amateur or professional; explore the directory to discover London’s 40+ open-access workshops, 24+ disciplines and 125+ different types of tools now being made accessible to you.

    Open-access workshops are member-lead organisations that provide access to affordable space, tools and workshop facilities. Welcoming professionals and hobbyists alike, open-access workshops are home to vibrantly diverse communities of artists, designers, printmakers, ceramicists, architects, wood workers, metal workers, digital fabricators and engineers. The sharing of tools, space and knowledge between members generates opportunities for work and play -fostering collaboration, experimentation and innovation.

    From screen printing to welding, 3D scanning to plaster casting, open workshop are dedicated to providing publicly accessible ways to make and create things, communities, cities and futures. The city’s present and future is in our hands, what will we choose to make of it?